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Tips to Play out Your Marketing Strategy Effectively on Instagram

Posted in Social media

Instagram has a variety of exciting features to design and execute an effective marketing plan. This has made it a favorite social media platform for marketers looking to improve and enhance the online presence of their brand and use it to boost sales as well as customer satisfaction.

Nowadays most brands have an Instagram presence and they find this platform a ripe new ground to explore new techniques of social media marketing. If you are the owner of an emerging business or brand you must have realized the big role that social media promotions play on the effectiveness of successful marketing. Here are a few tips and tricks that have been used, tested, and found profitable by various popular brands:

  • Customers who are aware of your brand want to know more about your executives, working process etc. Show them your brand story by posting cool videos and images about your workplace, employees etc. In other words give your followers an exclusive behind the scenes look of your company.
  • You can make short and quirky videos of executives to make them look personable and approachable. This can do wonders for the consumer’s perception of your company. For e.g. you can post funny pictures of what your executives like to do in their free time or of them doing something fun at work.
  • Many companies use Instagram to post certain content that does not appear on their Facebook or Twitter pages. Exclusive content is a great way to attract new followers and keep your present followers from being exposed to the same images on several social media sites.
  • Instagram offers great ways to build some momentum before launching a new product. You can post curiosity arousing quirky videos to tease your followers and give them a reason to discuss your brand.

Lastly, no matter what your product is, try to post creative images and videos that not only promote your product but also attract attention.

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Discover the Various Dishes You Can Cook with Bread Machines

Posted in Food and Health

You know a bread machine can bake awesome bread but did you know that it is capable of much more than the obvious stuff? Where’s the fun in making a simple loaf of bread? Why don’t you explore various options? The question is what other things can be made with a bread machine?


When you are bored with breads and want to have some variation, you can make something small like a roll. You can use the toastmaster bread machine for baking cinnamon rolls, or Parker House rolls. You can easily whip a roll from scratch with the help of this amazing machine.


Making pasta is rewarding but also pretty exhausting. Kneading and then rolling it is rather difficult. You can drag your trusty bread equipment and skip a step. The procedure is simple. Just as it is used to make pizza dough, the pasta dough can be prepared.

Danish Pastries

Who doesn’t like Cheese Danishes! It is an excuse for having cheesecake for breakfast. You can skip the sticky prep work by simply making use of the bread machine. Tweak the filling according to your preference and just enjoy the culinary delight.


Have you ever imagined making cake in a bread machine? It is not very different from making a cake in a crock pot. Get the ingredients of the cake and put them in the bread making machine. The machine will do all the work for you. Not only will it mix the batter but will bake it also. When the cake it done, take it out of the oven, cool it, and enjoy your delicious cake.

Jam and Jelly

It might seem crazy, but is not. You can definitely make jam and jelly in your Toastmaster bread machine. Put the all the ingredients in the machine and get your jam ready within minutes.

Do not just bake breads; try out these new and different recipes. Don’t forget that there are even more dishes that you can prepare with this tool.

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